Not too long ago a friend of mine showed me a video of some people he knew on YouTube, to my amazement, there was a woman whipping a leather clad man with a horsetail as he danced to swan lake. He showed me this video and I asked "What happens next, do they have sex?". It left me a bit puzzled when he told me that, no, they do not have sex in fact sex is the last thing on their mind, the "Get off"or reward is in the domination process itself.

This was just baffling to me, I could not get my head around it, I wondered how this could be gratifying in any way? So I asked my friend if he would inquire as to whether his YouTube friends would be interested in letting me photograph them during one of their sessions.

Upon meeting Constantine - The lady in the photo and her slave John I have to say that it was a little odd, I had never met these people before and within a few minutes of being in my studio one of them, John was naked and having his bum spanked red raw in front of me, "oh.. if mum could see me now" I chuckled to myself.

John and Constantine are not actors, this is their life, this is what they do on a regular basis, John is a Mormon and a married father of four. His wife and family had no idea that John was harboring this secret life from his family, after all John was an ordinary God fearing individual who went to work every day, seemingly a "regular working guy". Constantine is a highly sought after, world class dominatrix who travels the globe and dominates wealthy clients who are willing to fly her in their private jets to Morocco, Paris, Dubai... Her world is full of leather, sex magic, demonic evocation, dark mass and other rituals that Aleister Crowley would be proud of.

This photo has been exhibited all over the world, it was nominated by Sotheby's, and the Tate gallery for a Masters Cup at the International color awards. It recently won first prize in the California Open call and was exhibited at Tag Gallery in the Bergamot station. The photo also received awards at the 2011 Photo Annual Awards and was exhibited in Prague.

The last I heard of John, his wife discovered his secret life and kicked him out of their home. On one hand this is very sad but on the other, John can live his life as he sees fit, he no longer has to lurk in the shadows in fear of being discovered.

Life is a strange thing, what is bizarre to some is normal to others.

This series is the first in what I plan to be a discovery into what is considered abnormal by most. Many people live with secrets, some never fully live freely, some secrets manifest into much darker situations. Perhaps if there was more tolerance in our society people could live as they wished instead of forcing themselves to fit into this straight jacket that we call "normal". As long as these acts are played out by consenting adults then what is the big deal?